Annuity Payout

Why a Lump Sum Cash Payment Might Work For You

Annuity payoutsThe three most common options for receiving annuity payouts are the annuitization method, the systematic withdrawal schedule,and lump-sum cash payments. The annuitization method guarantees monthly income for an ascribed period; a systematic withdrawal schedule offers control over timing of disbursment but comes with the possibility you may outlive your annuity assets.

These two options work well when planning ahead, but what about the little unplanned events in your life? The recent global economic downturn has taught us that much of what we take for stable can quite suddenly become unstable, if not collapse altogether.

A secondary market has emerged recently that allows you to sell annuity payments for a lump sum cash payment. You might have thought that if you were using annuitization or were on a systematic withdrawal schedule that you couldn’t get a lump sum cash payment for your annuity payout. This secondary market formed to fulfill the needs of those who had run into one of those little unplanned events in life, and wanted liquidity on their annuity assets.

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