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Selling your Annuity and Settlement Payments? How an Annuity Quote can help

annuity quotes from rsl funding, llcAs you’re planning your retirement strategy for the years ahead, one option you may consider is the purchase of an annuity. But what if you’ve already purchased an annuity, and an emergency arises? Getting a good annuity quote on your periodic payments will allow you to be selective about choosing a structured settlement company to sell them to.

What is an Annuity Quote?

In the past, annuity holders had to retain them for life—even if they needed to provide for unforeseen financial hardships.In 1988, the SEC allowed the sale of annuities; since then, investors have been able to sell all or part of their future annuity payments.

Companies like RSL Funding, LLC, can provide you with a free annuity quote, right on their web site. Their professionals staff are experts in helping clients sell annuity payments they no longer wish to receive in exchange for a lump sum of cash.

Why you should get an annuity quote

Getting a good annuity quote ensures you get to choose the offer that’s right for you. It’s an important decision, and it helps to have as much data as you can.

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