Fast Cash for Personal Injury Payments

Sell your Personal Injury Structured Settlement for a Cash Advance Today!

If you’re like thousands of Americans each year, you may be receiving payments from a personal injury structured settlement over time. But for many Americans, these structured settlements may not be enough for your living expenses or medical bills. For these people, selling your personal injury structured settlement for a lump sum payment may be your best option.

“If I’m out of work for a year due to my leg, I don’t know how I’m gonna pay for my kid’s college,” said Anthony Caputo, who was injured on a construction site in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Caputo tried other ways of getting a settlement advance, then turned to RSL Funding, a structured settlement buyer based in Houston, Texas. “They bought my personal injury structured settlements and quoted me a lump sum of cash, on the spot. It really saved my butt,” he added.

Caputo is just one of thousands who turn to companies like RSL each year to sell their structured settlement payments, annuities or lottery winnings. RSL even offers a free quote online if you want to sell your annuity for a near-immediate lump sum payment. So if your personal injury structured settlements just aren’t getting you through, contact a structured settlement company to get fast cash now!

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