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RSL Funding has had thousands of satisfied customers. Here are what a few have to say...

Testimonial: I Sold My Structured Settlement to Continue My Education

money for schoolFor as long as I can remember I dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I'd be the first in my family to obtain a professional degree and this is something I wanted to achieve for all of us. But fate seemed like it was going to be in my way.

I had worked a part time job since 9th grade as a way to help my family and to have a little nest to use to cover some of my expenses for college. While attending college I decided to move out of state for those four years and to hold down a full time job to not only maintain my independence from my parents but also as a way to continue to build my nest egg for law school. While walking home from an evening class, I was struck by a drunk driver, who, while a student attending the same college as me, was someone I didn't know.


Annuity Customer Story

annuity payout custoemrMy husband Marc and I were expecting our first baby and we really needed to have access to our money, from a lottery win, before she arrived. At that time she was just 3 months away, but when there is a bun in the oven, things can always change, fast...sometimes a lot faster that you could ever plan for...


I want to thank RSL Funding for coming to my rescue, they paid me $35,000.00 more than Peachtree.

I am sure a lot of other have made the same mistake I did.  I saw a Peachtree commercial and called to sell a portion of my annuity.  The guy with Peachtree totally took advantage of my lack of knowledge in this field.   RSL (Derek) came knocking and provided me with a much better deal.


I attempted a deal with J.G. Wentworth but RSL approaced me and offered $3,000.00 more than what J.G. Wentworth offered.

I would like to thank RSL Funding for helping me through all my transactions.  I decided to go with RSL Funding after being offered more money


Not only was RSL professional but they didn’t bad mouth the competition and they gave me the best deal by over $3,000.00 compared to Imperial Funding.

I was shopping  my structured settlement around to find out who would offer me the most money.  As I was calling various companies I began to notice a trend.   All of these factoring companies would bad mouth each other.


More Articles...

  1. I originally went to J.G. Wentworth but RSL gave me $2,300.00 more.
  2. I was working with Stone Street attempting to sell my structured settlement. I changed to RSL and got $12,500.00 more!
  3. RSL offered $8,000 more than JG Wentworth for the exact same payments.
  4. I was doing a transaction with Novation Capital when I was contacted by someone from RSL Funding. He offered me $4,000.00 more for the exact payments.
  5. RSL Funding paid me $3,000.00 more than Stone Street.
  6. I chose to do business with RSL because they gave me $2,100.00 more then JG Wentworth.
  7. I have been totally satisfied with RSL Funding and your very professional service you have given me.
  8. When dealing with structured settlement buyers a company that has helped out has been RSL Funding.
  9. I chose to do business with RSL because they gave me $2,100.00 more then JG Wentworth.
  10. The people at RSL ARE human. They're not out to get your money.
  11. I was doing a transaction with Stone Street, it has been over 3 months and I still have no court date. RSL Funding sent me an offer for $3,000 more.
  12. RSL Funding offered me $2,500.00 more than Client First.
  13. Special thanks to RSL Funding.
  14. Ever since you contacted me about helping me my transaction with RSL, you have been the most helpful person ever.
  15. I found myself in need of selling my annuities and I contacted JG Wentworth and was giving a really unreasonable deal.
  16. My experience with RSL and Rudy Ramirez has been phenomenal. He was able to help me with any questions I had when I called,
  17. RSL Funding was able to do the annuity funding for my father after he had been turned down by 3 other companies.
  18. I recently did a transaction with RSL Funding and the process couldn’t have been smoother.
  19. Wanted to Thank you for helping us
  20. I had a bad experience with J.G. Wentworth and RSL offered me $2,200.00 more
  21. Saved my House and Truck
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